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Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2014 Highlight: Gucci

Talking about the scene of Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2014, Kevin Tachman shoot some a lot of breathtaking photos. Here some favorite of my fave, especially in this Gucci’s Show— which it the reflection effect gave a fashion week atmosphere so tasty there. And also, yah, look at the sleek linen for the coat or trench semi blazer? Ah you name it, however its a great investment. Even i believe that you won’t skip the full patterned over sized jacket. The Knitted long sleeve shirt or sweater? Totally perfect for layering even for summer (almost K-POP superstars made it perfect). But overall of that, The Hmm,. okay i’m not sure, but it’s look like a waterproof jacket, if we could see from the fabric— the great secant of this jacket made it perfect for summer in my country, i mean in the functional and style section. Remind about there’s still a lot of rain on my summer, this jacket would be even better and the next Burberry’s transparent coat from the past season. Almost love every piece of this collection, minus all the leather jackets, you can check the full collection tho see them here, and uh,.. i don’t believe in their legging! I mean,. yes, i don’t need them yet, i think would be hard to adopt that legging with my style, unless i wanna out of boundaries. — photo by Kevin Tachman for T-Magazine

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Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2013

Let’s we move faster!— well it’s a rare spare time and spaces i have for holiday, so i won’t let it anything stop me to show you my favorite collection for this season. For last (at least for today) here from Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2013 have some too bold, hard, and sharp collection to anticipated. It’s still animal print touch, but more than it they hardly play well in material and texture. Don’t you think?

check out more collection on runway look here

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Theyskens’ Theory Spring/Summer 2013

Next for my NYFW post— it’s must be Theyskens’ Theory Spring/Summer 2013 on my next favorite collection for this season. Start from boys clean line blazer that would be perfect for work guns at office— then look at the simply pretty yet so beautiful dress whoohoo! Seems like we’re wrapped in the stardush-ed  sky. Then do you know what i’ve really love after all of these runway looks? yaps! Those wet look make up and hair do. It’s pretty best of the best.

You can check out more looks from the collection here

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3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2013

Here we go! Finally my NYFW post! I mean, this is what i’ve nothing but to die for— yah, who’s didn’t interesting in fashion week after all? Even on my solid schedule about to make my newest portofolio and  run another project with my partner— and i believe, all of us agree that 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2013 collection is to sleek (or okay, it’s just yet so simple, clean,  wearable, and coherent etc.) to skip. Enough to said girls, guys, and gays—here are my favorite about the collection (at the most) from Phillip Lim this season.

playing with blue leopard print and symmetrical cutting and colors variations

super clean and cute, yet so sleek dress

The out wear was so exciting! from nerd and geek next to chic biker looks!

And of course, the spring is not complete without floral.

That’s all my favorite, but if you want to see more looks of the runway looks you can check all here. Then tell me about yours fave! xoxo

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Top or Bottom

Photo from Gucci ready to wear

Got this photo from my timeline — another moods storming from Gucci. Twist — cross — or combine both of the items, would be perfect match for your premium party. *winks

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Chanel Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2012 #PFW


WELCOME TO THE KRYPTON! But NO! this is Planet Chanel! which its contain super chic and stylish witch, even the Hogwarts students must learn from all these looks, hehe. During of Paris Fashion Week, these is my favorite from Chanel Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2012. YES! as you seen on photos above, the super chic and warm coat was nothing but pay my attention a lot!  Such a must have on this season. How about yours guys? would you tell me? Enjoy!

photo via Nymag

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Antonio Azzuolo F/W 2012

PAJAMAS PARTY ANYONE? Ah, hal itu pula yang terpikirkan oleh saya ketika melihat (baiklah belum secara langsung memang *sigh) koleksi terbaru dari designer muda Antonio Azzuolo F/W 2012 ini. But wait! its not pajamas at all! Kalau kita perhatikan pemirsa, sepertinya Antonio tidak mengikuti trend pajamas goes to daily wear-nya Vogue dan Style.com yang sempat booming kemaren. Koleksi ini lebih terinspirasi dari kostum kimono Jepang atau seragam karateka mungkin? Namun, bukan detail keren atau potongan kain dan bahan yang super smart yang membuat saya terkejut kali ini. Yah, nothing but the styling! cuman di runway-nya Antonio kita bisa melihat cowok – cowok super maskulin yang bisa tetep keliatan manly meskipun pake legging(?) is it? Lumayan, bisa di jadikan inspirasi buat yang suka experimen dengan style androginy juga. Kapanlagi iya kan? untuk info lebih lengkap dan photo – photo lainnya silahkan klik MDX from models.com. Selamat malam pemuirsa, dan sampai pada post berikutnya yah.

Photo via Models.com

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