Partner In Crime


I DON’T WANNA KILL ANYONE with this photo, but after run so hard for my project, i decide to clean up my harddisk for the huge file size of graphic design and web files, i found this photo then,  which its just another piece of my long pending project with my partner in crime Rere. No, i’m not forgot of course, but the deadline kill all my time in front of my laptop all along day and its changed me like a cave man from ten billion before century. What a stupid workaholic i am. I just missing hanging out time with ya’ll guys. Find a great shoes, mad on the fitting room, forget about diet (?) *oh come on! do i need that? Tomorrow have a meeting to examine my task and project with some client, wish me luck guys. Hope there’re not so many revision, so i could run for my another project soon. Don’t so worry Rere our project still running even slow. Till the next post rockstars! Goodnite and CHUCU!

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