Stranger by The Day : Adjie Prasetya

Sorry guys, i’m escaping from the glorious of Men’s Fashion week, you may think that i have most boring blog in the world but nothing better than Sunset at Blue point Beach Bali…

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  • ryan

    Have fun! You are soooooo lucky to be on such a beautiful beach, I am sooooo jealous xoxo

  • amanda archambault

    um pause. No one could think you have a boring blog! Your blog is great. And these pictures are awesome… you all look like your having so much fun. Wish I was there, it looks so pretty!!!!

    xoxo, Amanda

  • Blog Alex Boutique

    I miss you in my blog!
    I want to be in paradiso like you, enjoy!

    alex b

  • Lee Oliveira

    I love sunsets photos.. they are just gorgeous! True Paradise
    Lee x

  • Prutha

    R U KIDDING…This is great!!! i will take original pictures and content anyday over stuff u find on a lot of other blogs…

    bring it on i say :)

  • KC

    ugh!! summer, why you not come sooner?!

  • Esther

    the beach photos are just AMAZING :) love them!! :) XXX es.

  • michelle_

    i love ur new headerr !!

  • Corve DaCosta


  • tobias

    Oh, thank you! :D
    I love your pics!

  • jadaandjon

    wow. i'm totally jealous. looks amazing.

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  • Sara and Emma

    Beautiful beautiful pictures!<33 Wish we were there, it's like snow storm here…
    /Sara and Emma

  • crystal glamour

    first off your blog is amazing :)
    and secondly look at that beach colors omg seriously so beautiful!!!!

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  • beoy

    wooww, cool!