Good Morning!


Ohkay, ohkay, you all guys might be so hurts with this so weird photo of me on the headline photos. But, have you ever already set up for your best poses, then your official photographer (and stuff) saying some un-avoid-able joke to made you laugh up and you can’t even to stop? They’re so experienced to treat me! huh!

So tire+ing yet excited day. Then ended up for short meeting with Rere, FYI: there’s the one and only her, who can made me come to her space just for decide which one the best photo for her facebook photo profile only! Wowser! Sometime i feel like i’m her editor at large of her facebook, ehehehe. Of course! the second photo above is not my choice, but this is remind me about my project with her last week, which it just same like today. Run, run, run,. Snap, Snap, Snap. Took a tons of photos!

No, i’m not awoke that so early morning, but as you know me so well already as along as the time *halah. Cullen’s family venom is on my blood, Day for night, then night for day, woke on the morning then sleep on the morning too, yah you know, vampire lifestyle. Am I wrong? Well, i don’t wanna hurt by sunrise, so better for me to sleep now, then GOOD MORNING ALL, AND HAVE A NICE SLEEP!

*PS: see you at brunch time ya! =p

photo by,… (guess who’s the photographer)

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