Item of Desire: Black Leather and Fur Satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Such a perfect satchel-style backpack for the season! Black Leather and Fur Satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Buffed leather satchel-style backpack. Gunmetal tone hardware. Adjustable leather shoulder straps. Single carry handle. Fur panel at front in tones of cream and brown. Flap and push claps closure at front with two-button press-stud straps. Click here to buy and more details. Today was so rush here guys, how about you? Good day!

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Dress code: Maroon

Photo via The Sartorialist.

Really such an alternative for simply chic in maroon, this woman turn maroon as a new black and/or white. What do you think guys?

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Blite Whack

Really fallin’ for this T-shirt from Cheap Monday! This is such a simply chic for the weekend occasion all over time. You can get it here.

PS: Sssssttt! It’s also available in Whack, buy it here.

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At Home: Into Bang Ally Space

All Photos by my self

Seperti yang gue janjiin di postingan kemaren (iya, lama banget sampai nggak bisa lagi di kategorikan sebagai “kemaren” lagi) akhirnya sekarang gue bisa nepatin janji gue buat ngasih tau dimana sebenernya destinasi gue pas weekend kemaren. Kenalan yuk, sama sahabat lama gue Bang Ally. Demikian beliau biasa di sapa, dan itu berlaku juga buat gue yang jelas-jelas lebih muda dari beliau. Ya! beliau ini memang terkenal ramah, baik, dan yang paling penting, beliau tidak mengenal senioritas. Ini udah keliatan dari pertama gue kenal sama Bang Ally, dimana dia meminta gue yang petakilan ini untuk tidak menyapa beliau dengan prefix “Pak”, “Bapak”, “Pakdhe” “Om” dll. Tidak, tidak sekalipun, karena itu memang bukan style dari seorang Bang Ally.

Nah, sebelumnya gue udah janjian berkali-kali buat berkunjung ke rumah beliau. Namun kemaren weekend itu baru kesampean, padahal sebenernya nggak jauh-jauh amat jarak rumah gue sama rumah Bang Ally. Tapi karena gue maupun Bang Ally ini tipikal orang yang mobilitasnya tinggi ini. Jadi agak-agak susah sesuain jadwalnya, dan begitu udah ketemu jadwalnya, woww,… gue excited banget! Kapan lagi bisa ubek-ubek rumah sesosok Bang Ally kan yak? Let’s GO!

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Flash Update 2.0

 How are you guys? Oh okay, it’s might be a question you wanna ask to me too— so sorry for lack of post and disappear from blogsphere for a long time guys. My days and my weeks was so rush! For now, i’ve focused my mind, idea, and energy for my new site with my friends—  of course, still around lifestyle and entertainment. Hope it will be done and release very soon! So i could back to post a lot of my story here in my (and yours) lovely blog. Don’t worry, i know i’ve owe an extended post about my last trip (and Yes!) a lot of my another holidays trip to share for all of you guys! Call me so late or whatever, but i just realize that instagram help me so much even more for update-ing my last activity during my rush and solid schedules. You can follow my feeds there for such a flash update 2.0 (Hallelujah! for technology and Socmed). Above is my preview of my daily feeds activity on instagram, you can find even more here. See ya on next post guys! Soon!!! Keep in touch! xoxo!

Caption from top: My Toolkit from my lastest holiday at Bayfront Villa, Such a chic mess on Marz space, Some of my “New In” item: a pair of clogs leather sandals from Carvil, Sunset outside of my way to office, With Ino at Bayfront Villa, Me with my angels/ fams/ gurls/ at Halal bihalal Ied Mubbarak momments.

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Important little things we’ve forgot: Leather Cleaning Kit

Accentuate the natural beauty of your leather goods with this kit designed for cleaning, moisturizing and protecting your bags and accessories. Leathers with or without protective coats or finishes require a good dose of hydration in order to keep them looking their best. And of course, they’ll suite you perfectly! Get this Leather Cleaning Kit from Ahalife here.

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Anja Rubik for BLK DNM

Photos: fashiongonerogue

Shot by Johan Lindeberg himself

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